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Cleaning Tips:

How often should I clean...?
Clean Your Washing Machine:
Once A Month
Change Your Bedding:
Once A Week
Clean Your Oven:
Every Six Months
Clean Your Dishwasher:
Once A Month
Cleaning Your Coffee Maker:
Once a month
Run once with 1tbsp of vinegar and the rest water
Then once more with just water
Polish Your Faucets:
Use wax paper to polish
Freshen Washing Machine:
Use hot water & 1qt of bleach
Bathtub Cleaning:
Scrub your bathtub with salt & a grapefruit
Freshen Garbage Disposal:
Use lemons
Cast Iron Cleaning
Use salt & a potato

Hi I'm Lindsay

Throughout the years, I’ve worked in customer service and as a housekeeper. After getting married, building a house and having two children, I’ve realized the importance of upkeep, organizing and time management. It became clear to me that cleaning is my calling. I am in a lucky spot where I can create more time for my family as well as step out of my comfort zone and do what I love for a living. Fresh Nest is built with the intention of making lives easier. Between work, kids, school and so much more. Finding time to clean can be an overwhelming task. That’s where I come in. With a 100% guarantee for satisfaction and security. Fresh Nest will allow you to lead a more comfortable, stress-free life. Let’s take a step towards that goal today.
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Lindsay Chalupa
402 504 0157
Hours: Vary Upon Request

One Step Away From Cleanliness

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Cancellation Policy

Fresh Nest Cleaning Service — CANCELLATION POLICY In the event Client needs to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment, forty-eight (48) hours notice to Fresh Nest Cleaning Service is required. Notice may be given by Email, SMS (text) or Phone. Should Client fail to give forty-eight (48) hours notice on more than one (1) occasion, Client must pay 50% for the cancelled cleaning first offense and 100% of the fee for cancelled cleanings thereafter. Cancelling more than three (3) consecutive cleanings or more than seven (7) total scheduled cleanings, without prior approval of Fresh Nest Cleaning Service, will be deemed a material breach and allow Fresh Nest Cleaning Service to cancel the contract and/or pricing agreement or to seek legal remedies. In the event that Fresh Nest Cleaning Service needs to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment 24 hours notice will be given to client. If Fresh Nest Cleaning Service fails to give 24-hour notice quiet will be offered one free cleaning.