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Cleaning Tips:

How often should I clean...?
Clean Your Washing Machine:
Once A Month
Change Your Bedding:
Once A Week
Clean Your Oven:
Every Six Months
Clean Your Dishwasher:
Once A Month
Cleaning Your Coffee Maker:
Once a month
Run once with 1tbsp of vinegar and the rest water
Then once more with just water
Polish Your Faucets:
Use wax paper to polish
Freshen Washing Machine:
Use hot water & 1qt of bleach
Bathtub Cleaning:
Scrub your bathtub with salt & a grapefruit
Freshen Garbage Disposal:
Use lemons
Cast Iron Cleaning
Use salt & a potato

Hi I'm Lindsay

Throughout the years, I’ve worked in customer service and as a housekeeper. After getting married, building a house and having two children, I’ve realized the importance of upkeep, organizing and time management. It became clear to me that cleaning is my calling. I am in a lucky spot where I can create more time for my family as well as step out of my comfort zone and do what I love for a living. Fresh Nest is built with the intention of making lives easier. Between work, kids, school and so much more. Finding time to clean can be an overwhelming task. That’s where I come in. With a 100% guarantee for satisfaction and security. Fresh Nest will allow you to lead a more comfortable, stress-free life. Let’s take a step towards that goal today.
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Lindsay Chalupa
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